Gibraltar National Dance Team 2012 World Jazz & Modern

Team Gibraltar is all set to participate at the 2012 World Jazz and Modern Dance Championships. The event that will be staged at the Fraport Arena, in Frankfurt, Germany, will see over 1,200 dancers from 20 countries taking part. Dancers will be travelling from four continents to join in this spectacular event organised by the International Dance Organisation (IDO).  

The Gibraltar National Dance Organisation has selected dancers from 4 different local dance schools. They are Genyka Celecia, Tyron Walker, Dulcie Edwards, Duncan Grech, Jaylynn Cruz, Cora Ramirez and Francesca Morillo.  

Gibraltar will see these performers represented in the Adult division and in the Solo Female, Solo Male, Duet and Group sections. 3 choreographers were selected by the GNDO to be responsible for the adult groups: Paulette Finlayson Napoli has been responsible for the Modern Group ‘Reason for Being’ whilst ‘Burlesque’ is the Jazz Group choreographed by Gerald Rodriguez and Sabrina Abudarham. Other choreographers involved in this project include Gillaine Alman, Nathan Conroy, Jade Federico and Nichol Montovio.

GNDO President Seamus Byrne said:

‘The GNDO is delighted with the way dancers as well as choreographers from different dance environments have pulled together to produce magnificent work! This emphasises the new GNDO ethos ‘Unity through Dance’ and getting people working together with a sense of unity, to represent Gibraltar at the highest dance level.

IDO events are known as the ‘Olympics of Dance’ and is like football in the champion’s league, it is the most superior dance festival and competition that exists. And I am very proud that Team Gibraltar travels to Germany with the aim of delivering a high standard of dance and making the most of what certainly will be a great dancing educational experience.’

The GNDO would like to take this opportunity to thank Latino’s for having donated all the dancers uniforms.

The Gibraltar National Dance Team is being led by team captain Paulette Finlayson who will be accompanied by team leader Karen Celecia. The team leave Gibraltar on Wednesday 3rd October and will return on Monday 8th October 2012.  

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