Gibraltar National Dance Team 2012 World Show Dance Championship

TTeam Gibraltar is all set to participate at the 2012 World Show Dance Championships. The event that will be staged at the Erdgas Arena, in Riesa, Germany, will see over 3,000 dancers from 30 countries taking part. Dancers will be travelling from four continents to join in this spectacular event organised by the International Dance Organisation (IDO). 

The Gibraltar National Dance Organisation (GNDO) selected all Children and Junior finalists at the 2011 European Show Dance Championships. Out of 48 dancers from 6 local dance groups invited to take part, 35 individuals accepted the invitation.

The Gibraltar National Dance Team are:

Janelle Alcantara                 Amy Bonavia             Janella Borrell
Chelsey Celecia                  Rhian Colton             Chantel Cooper
Julia Costa                           Grace Cruz                Joelle Davis
Heather Edwards                Georgina Ellul          Emma Flower
Louise Flower                      Bella Gomez             Jade Hernandez
Jade Holman                                   Lizzie Imossi                    Joelle Johnson
Poppie Levy                          Janella Lopez           Rebecca Louise
Louise Martinez                   Sarah McClaren       Lorraine Montegriffo
Sarah Montovio                    Olivia Morrice            Kayla Perera
Natasha Richardson          Natasha Reeder      Shannon Robles
Katie Sanchez                      Lauren Schembri    Maria Serra
Janella Sodi                         Nicole Valverde

Gibraltar will see these dancers represented in the Children and Junior divisions and in the Solo Female, Duet and Group sections as well as the Junior Formation section. The National Team’s choreographers include, Sabrina Abudarham, Genyka Celecia, Dulcie Edwards, Jade Federico, Nicole Montovio, Gerald Rodriguez and Team Captain, Paulette Finlayson Napoli.

GNDO President Seamus Byrne said:

‘Competitions organised under the IDO umbrella is not an ordinary festival or competition in Europe or anywhere around the World. The Gibraltar National Team competes at the Olympics of Dance, were standards have increased tremendously and competition is super high; you have to see it to believe it! 

What has been achieved by these dancers and these wonderful choreographers is a new way forward for the National Team. A unity through dance programme where Gibraltar’s best dancers come together to represent their country and work with different people who may not be their local dance teachers.

Team Gibraltar travels to Germany with the aim of delivering a high standard of dance and with the hope to once again prove that Gibraltar is a great dancing nation.’

The Gibraltar National Dance Team is being led by GNDO President Seamus Byrne and GNDO Official Belize Cortes who will be accompanied by a team of 13 leaders and helpers. The National Team leave Gibraltar on Saturday 24th November and will return on Saturday 1st December 2012.

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